4 Tips for a Healthier Heart ❤️

Simple Diet Changes For a Healthy Heart ❤️

The heart is basically the engine of our bodies. Our heart pumps blood through our vessels in order to deliver nutrients and oxygen to our organs. 

The heart is extremely impacted by our diets. Diet is a major risk factor in cardiovascular disease – which is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States. 

1 in every 4 deaths in America is related to heart disease. That is a scary number. 

On the brightside, we actually have a lot of power and control when it comes to making heart healthy diet choices. Diet risks are MODIFIABLE risks. 

Obesity can cause heart disease. Poor diet can cause heart disease. And your cholesterol level, blood sugar, and blood pressure all play a role in heart health. 

These four simple tips can help decrease your risk and improve your heart health.

❤️ Increase your fiber intake.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Both are rich in fiber. Fiber naturally lowers your cholesterol and also makes you feel fuller – which helps to prevent overeating. 

❤️ Replace red meat with chicken or beans, nuts, and seeds a few days a week.

Studies show that you really shouldn’t eat red meat more than twice a week because it is high in saturated fat – which increases cholesterol.  Substitute with other protein options. 

❤️ Eat omega-3 rich fish. 

Fish are an excellent source of protein and are a great substitute for red meat. As an added bonus, fish that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are known to decrease inflammation (which can lead to heart disease).

❤️ Avoid trans fats.

Baked goods, deep fried foods, stick margarine, frozen pizza, and refrigerated dough are a few of the big trans fat culprits. Trans fat is a double danger to your heart because it lowers the “good” cholesterol and increases the “bad” cholesterol. 

Do you need help creating a new healthier diet plan? Message me about my Self-Guided Programs or comment with the heart emoji ❤️ below!

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