A Simple Hack For Better Posture

Why Your Mom Told You To Stand Up Straight

Good posture is crucial to your overall well being. 

Your posture influences your movements, your comfort, your balance, and even your appearance. 

Maintaining good posture ensures that your bones are in proper alignment – preventing pain, issues, and injury. 

Proper posture prevents weight and tension from being unevenly distributed to your muscles and ligaments. And your posture determines the amount of weight and pressure on your joints.

Studies even show that some people perceive individuals with poor posture to have low self esteem, lack of confidence, lack of ability, and to be unapproachable. 

Another study conducted at Ohio State University in 2009 found that sitting up straight in your chair can give you more confidence. Researchers found that people who were sitting up straight were more likely to believe the positive thoughts they wrote down concerning whether they were qualified for a job. Those who were slouched over were less likely to believe their thoughts.

So it’s pretty obvious: posture is important! 

There is a reason your mom was always telling you to stand up straight. 🙂 

But we often subconsciously start to slump throughout the day… as we get tired or comfortable.

This simple hack can help you maintain proper posture throughout the day:

✨ Pull your belly button in, roll your shoulders up and then push them back and down, slightly tilt your chin up. ✨

Get in the habit of consciously doing this move whenever you change positions, stand up, and sit down. 

I have the hardest time maintaining good posture when: I am at my laptop for a long time ….

What about you? Comment below!

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