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  • Tips to create your perfect lockdown schedule

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Meet the coach

Celia Au

I’m so glad you found my website!

I’m Celia Au, a Certified Holistic Health Coach who is determined to put you on a path to feeling energized, light, and completely healthy! After ending a long term relationship, I found myself 20 pounds overweight. Not only was I unhappy with how I looked, I hated how I felt – tired, bloated, and craved sugar all the time. I didn’t even have the energy to exercise!

It was time to make a change, and I realized that most of my diet was filled with CRAP, all of the refined, artificial, and processed stuff that I had in my body was really starting to take its toll. Even when I tried to eat healthy, I’d read a label and be even more confused. It was information overwhelm. The fact is, all the energy drinks, “health bars” and diet/supplements in the world won’t make anywhere near the difference that going green will.

I want you to have the same life changing revelation that I had after transforming my diet.

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