Balancing Diet + Exercise For Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Pyramid 

When someone sets out on a weight loss journey, they typically assume that they need to ramp up their exercise and eat better.

These two things are important but they are not equal… and there are a variety of things to consider. 

This of it as a pyramid and diet is at the bottom – it is the foundation. No amount of exercise will make up for a bad diet. 

DIET is the most important component of weight loss.

You are eating 3-5 times throughout your day… every single day. That means you are making choices multiple times per day. You don’t work out that many times a day (that would actually not be good). So choosing what you put in your body is a much more frequent event than exercise.

So, while exercise is important – eating a healthy diet is more important when it comes to weight loss.

The next areas of focus when it comes to weight loss are REST + RECOVERY (including sleep, stress management and self-care) and MOVEMENT.

You sleep and move around throughout your day way more than you actively exercise. 

Sleep is a vital indicator of overall health. Getting more sleep may actually be the single best change you can make to bring yourself closer to your goals. Lack of sleep affects your willpower and ability to make good nutritional choices. It can also hinder your ability to feel great for each workout, which means you won’t work as hard.

EXERCISE is next.

Exercise can be further broken down into strength, steady state cardio, and high intensity cardio.

If you are wondering which type of exercise you should be doing or how much time you should be spending in each area, I’d be happy to chat with you more! Your weight loss plan is very unique depending on your goals and your abilities. 

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