Does Your Living Space Promote Good Health and Mental Well Being?

How Your Environment Impacts Your Wellness

Environmental well being consists of residing in a space that promotes good health, positivity, and well being. 

While there are a lot of things that we may not have control over when it comes to our personal environment – like maintaining a clean and organized living room when you have a three year old running around – there are also plenty of things that we have a very valid influence over. 

Your environment impacts your wellness because it can either promote your sense of comfort, peace, motivation and happiness – or it can contribute negatively by increasing stress, frustration and unhappiness. 

For example, if you are working from home and are not in a space that feels good, it may be challenging to get in the right mindset. Same goes for working out at home, if you are not in a designated workout space that inspires wellness, it is easy to get distracted or feel unmotivated.

One key to ensuring that your home promotes well being is to first determine what type of environment YOU thrive in – even with small tasks and daily activities. 

Everyone is different. 

For example, when I am cooking I LOVE to measure out all of the ingredients in cute bowls and ramekins and line them up in my cooking space before I start cooking. (There is something about aesthetic organization that brings me serious joy.)

My sister, on the other hand, truly DISLIKES unnecessarily dirtying additional dishes while cooking. So my method – which brings me environmental satisfaction and straight up joy – would actually cause her environmental stress and discomfort.)

Evaluate the set up of your home… the amount of clutter, cleanliness, noise level, light level, temperature, colors, decorations, room setup… – things that you have some level of control over – and adjust one or two in a way that might bring you more joy and peace.

What is your favorite room in your house and why?

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