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Wellness Self-Assessment Guide

Intellectual or mental wellness is the ability to increase your own understanding and knowledge base, improve your personal skill sets, maintain an openness to new ideas and constantly challenge yourself to expand knowledge and skills.

The 8 Aspects of Wellness


✔️ Physical – includes exercise, movement, nutrition, sleep

✔️ Intellectual/Mental – increase understanding, improve skills, open to new ideas and continually challenge yourself.

✔️ Environmental – living in an environment that promotes good health and well-being

✔️ Spiritual –  our values, faith, how we foster relationships, and the meaning and purpose of our lives.

✔️ Emotional – ability to handle life’s stresses, adapt to change, cope with difficult times and create satisfying experiences.

✔️ Social – feeling of connection, support and belonging in a community

✔️ Financial – satisfaction, independence and peace with current and future financial situations.

✔️ Occupational – satisfaction and enrichment from work.

Healthy Habit Transformation Program

Learn my approach where I provide guidelines and principles, not rules.

Here’s what you’ll learn NOT to do:

  • Skip breakfast
  • Snack between meals
  • Drink too much coffee instead of eating
  • Add sugar to drinks or snacks
  • Buy take-out food rather than home cooking
  • Drink too much alcohol
  • Stay up late and late night binge eating

5 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight Naturally

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • Foods to add to your diet for the purpose of natural weight loss
  • How to prepare those foods and include then in your lifestyle
  • Amazing Recipe for natural weight loss

5-Day Clean Up Your Diet Challenge

Are you ready to never go on another diet again? 

Tired of starting your “diet” over every Monday?

Ditch the diet and learn to enjoy your food again.

  • Lasting success takes consistency and TIME.
  • Many people are surprised at how easy it is to reach their goals. Many people are also surprised with how long it takes to reach their goals.  
  • Success is hard work and it does not happen overnight. It does not happen from one decision – but from the decisions you make day in and day out.

At-Home Survival Kit (COVID Edition)

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Quick, effective workouts you can do in your living room (even with the kids!)
  • Fast & healthy meals from pantry staples
  • Breathing exercise to help you tame anxiety and stress fast!
  • 3-Step process to take your house from “lived in” to “loved”
  • Fun & free games the whole family will love
  • Tips to create your perfect lockdown schedule