Fruits + Veggies That Can Help with Weight Loss

Successfully losing weight requires a change in both diet and exercise. Diet change requires you to control portion size, avoid low nutrient/high fat food choices, and choose foods that offer healthy benefits.

To lose weight, the body must burn more calories than it takes in. 

So, you could technically lose weight while eating a cookie for breakfast, a cookie for lunch, and a cookie for dinner. 

BUT you would be lacking key nutrients, energy and strength by not eating a balanced diet.

While there are no magical foods that will instantaneously help you lose weight – there ARE food choices that will keep your calories low and your nutrients high. 

Fruits and vegetables are naturally nutrient rich. 

Low Calorie/High Nutrient Vegetables

✨ Arugula

✨ Asparagus

✨ Brussel sprouts

✨ Kale

✨ Spinach

✨ Bok choy 

Low Calorie/High Volume Vegetables + Fruits 

✨ Celery

✨ Cucumbers

✨ Melon

✨ Lettuce

These fruits and vegetables are low calories and can be consumed in high volume which will help fill you up and prevent overeating.

High Fiber Vegetables + Fruits

✨ Artichokes

✨ Green peas

✨ Apples

✨ Berries

✨ Pears 

High fiber choices help you to feel satisfied while decreasing hunger cravings – making it easier for you to stick to your plans when it comes to a healthy diet. (i.e. not snacking between meals, limiting portion size, etc.)

I love asparagus and apples and am so happy that it is on this list!  Comment below with your favorite fruit or veggie from this post! 

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