Habit Stacking: What Is It and How Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Our brains are full of neurons that transmit information and messages that control/direct our behaviors and actions. 

As we age, the number of neurons actually decreases as we develop habits and skill sets that utilize specific neurons – and don’t use others. This is called synaptic pruning. 

Basically, if you work out every day your entire life – those synapses will be strong. Your brain strengthens those neuron connections. Making it easier.

However, if you don’t work out for most of your life and then decide to add fitness to your routine – your brain has actually “pruned” those unused neurons. Making it incredibly challenging to create the new habit. 

Your brain has already built a strong connection for the daily habits that you currently have – like making your coffee in the morning, showering and getting ready for the day, etc.

Habit stacking takes advantage of these already existing strong and efficient connections by stacking the new habit onto an already existing habit. 

For example, if you want to add stretching to your daily routine. Stack it on a task that you already complete in the morning. “After I brush my teeth, I will stretch for 10 minutes.”

When it comes to weight loss – you can stack new goals/habits for working out and healthy eating choices onto habits that already exist. 

“After I finish the work day and close my laptop, I will change into my work out clothes.”

“Before I eat dinner, I will drink one glass of water.”

Setting specific habits to stack on specific tasks is key. And then you can keep stacking! 

What is one new habit that you want to add to your daily routine? What can you stack it with? See mine below and comment with yours!

Mine is “While my coffee is brewing, I will set my intentions for the day”

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