How To Exercise and Grow Your Mind – Just Like You Would Your Body

Understanding Intellectual Wellness

We talk a lot about exercising, challenging and growing  our bodies, but let’s not forget one of our most valuable assets in life.. Our brains!

Intellectual or mental wellness is the ability to increase your own understanding and knowledge base, improve your personal skill sets, maintain an openness to new ideas and constantly challenge yourself to expand knowledge and skills.

Let’s break that down. 

🧠 Increase your understanding and knowledge base. 

Intellectual wellness requires you to develop and understand your own viewpoints and opinions as well as the viewpoints and opinions of others. Reading, studying, writing, contemplating, listening, playing games, and having open and respectful conversations/debates with colleagues, friends, and family members can increase your understanding and level of knowledge. 

🧠 Improve your skill sets. 

Identify your own personal creative and intellectual gifts. Find ways to expand and improve those gifts. 

🧠 Be open to new ideas. 

You can’t grow without new information and ideas. Challenge yourself to see all aspects and perspectives. Constantly re-evaluate how new ideas impact your viewpoints. 

🧠 And then… challenge yourself some more! 

Become a life-long learner. Make it a priority to learn new things and develop new skills. 

A focus on mental and intellectual health requires you to engage in activities that stimulate your mind and your personal areas of creativity while also developing new skills and gaining knowledge.

I’ve created a FREE Wellness Assessment that assesses where you are in the 8 aspects of wellness (intellectual wellness is one of them). 

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