How to Harness Your Body’s Natural Reaction to Stress

Our brains communicate with our bodies through neurotransmitters and hormones. 

Our primitive brains released stress hormones when we anticipated danger and pain. 

The things that often cause us worry/stress now – challenges at work, failure to lose weight, social situations – are not life and death situations. But our brain releases the same hormones that it released hundreds of years ago when facing mortal danger. 

Cortisol is released as soon as our brain perceives the threat of pain – even if the pain never comes.

Our brains also release adrenaline – which dilates the blood vessels going to the heart and brain and increases metabolic rate – flooding our bodies and increasing our ability to react quickly to stress. Our fight or flight mechanism kicks in. 

Understanding your physiological response to stress gives you the power to choose your psychological response. 

If you can recognize that your brain is releasing cortisol and adrenaline because it feels a threat and that the threat is not actually going to kill you, you can move past it. 

One study revealed that by actively practicing optimism, the amount of cortisol released during high stress situations actually decreased. Your mindset can change your biological response to stress.

And understanding adrenaline can allow you to harness the power perks of a heightened system. Adrenaline provides energy and a sharpness – which a positive mindset can allow you to consciously direct at SOLVING a problem, instead of stressing a problem.

While you can’t always control the outcome of situations, you CAN choose your thoughts and perspective. 

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