How To Not Let Your Diet Add Stress To Your Life

Don’t Let Your Diet Stress You Out

Just like everything else in life, there will be ups and downs in the way that you eat.

No human eats perfectly all the time. 

But healthy individuals make healthy choices more times than not.

Instead of looking at the way you are currently eating as “good” or “not good”…

Consider how you are eating now… is it how you would eat for the rest of your life?

Choosing to make healthy choices MOST of the time means there will be times that you don’t. That’s normal – and ok! 

Feeling stressed because you ate too many carbs or had a big piece of birthday cake won’t help your goals. Either eat the cake or don’t.

Stress can negatively impact your fitness and nutrition goals in ways that you may not even realize…

When we are stressed, we want to be comforted. That is human nature.

And we often look for external things to take away the “pain” of stress… food, alcohol, smoking, etc.

Have you ever eaten that big piece of cake or binged on something not-so-healthy and then felt guilty or stressed about it… so then decided that you might as well eat more unhealthy foods?

You comfort yourself with more of the things that stress you out to begin with…


Because these things can release neurotransmitters in the brain that temporarily make us feel good – at least in the short term (but not in the long term because we are no closer to our weight loss goal). 

And since we like immediate gratification and we like to feel good, we want to repeat the behavior… looking for that same “feel good” feeling.

This is why we must learn to manage stress without looking to external things (like food) to comfort us. We must learn not to allow our diet – which is meant to help us long term – add stress to our lives.

This takes intention, work, and time. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

My coaching focuses on how to eat for the rest of your life. We are a community of moms/women/dads who are tired of the diet industry hoopla, ride the ups and downs of diet and life together, support one another, and enjoy the journey along the way.

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