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These are amazing self-paced programs that will give a jumpstart to your journey to health and wellness. 

The Sugar Repair Program

The most thorough sugar detox program out there

The Sugar Repair Program is a 6-week program that focuses on whole foods, emotional balance and lifestyle changes. It’s designed to get rid of your sugar cravings for good.

The Clean Eating Program

Your one-way ticket to total Health and Wellness

The Clean Eating Program is a 14-Day, 3-Step, simple, easy-to-follow, whole foods cleansing program designed to cleanse your body of toxins, alleviate inflammation, and melt away pesky fat.

The Health Style Emporium

Holistically nourish your mind, body & soul

The HSE is a 16-week, interactive holistic online program. A program tailored to meet you where you currently are in your health journey and help you reach your individual goals to go wherever it is you want to go.



"3 Ways to Quit Sugar When You'd Kill For a Cookie" Guide

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  • And happier moods
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