Take A Deep Breath

Box-breathing is a technique that can effectively lower stress, slow the heart rate, and increase concentration. 

It recenters and resets your bodys’ reactions to stress. 

Studies have shown that box-breathing is beneficial in the moment of high-stress and can also alter the way that your body reacts to stress in the future.

Practicing box breathing on a regular basis is believed to essentially “reset” the way that your body reacts in fight-or-flight mode to allow you to remain calm during high-stress situations.

This technique is used by soldiers, police officers, and other individuals who encounter high stress situations on a regular basis. 

And the best part? It is easy and you can do it almost anywhere!  


📦 Sit upright in a chair with both feet squarely on the ground. Close your eyes..

📦 Inhale deeply through your nose while slowly counting to four in your mind. 

📦 Hold the air in your lungs (keeping your mouth relaxed) while slowly counting to four again.

📦 Slowly exhale for four seconds.

📦 Repeat.

It is recommended to repeat these steps for a minimum of one minute. Repeating these steps for four minutes is optimal.

Not sure I could do this for 4 minutes but could totally take a minute to do this each day… what do you think?

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