The Journey Towards Anything Worthwhile Is Supposed To Be Hard

Would you pick up a book or watch a movie about someone taking a long journey through the snowy mountains by themselves and everything just went perfectly fine?

It would be a pretty anti-climatic story.

No near-death encounters with bears, blizzards that derailed the trip, or other hardships that led to self-discovery and perseverance. 

When we make a goal and set off on a journey to achieve it, do we really expect that everything will go perfectly fine and it will be easy?

If you make a big enough goal – a goal worth achieving – it is likely going to take time and you are likely to be discouraged along the way.

It is HARD to maintain motivation when we aren’t seeing results right away. It is hard to stick to the plan when we feel discouraged. 

In the book Emotional Intelligence, it states that 15% of success can be attributed to knowledge and education. The other 85% is from dedication, perseverance, attitude, and vision.

I think that in order to stay motivated and not give up during a challenging journey towards success, we must take time to truly appreciate the journey and celebrate our hard work along the way. 

💥 Appreciate the daily choices you are making

💥 Appreciate the new habits you are forming

💥 Recognize the sacrifices you are making 

💥 Celebrate the hard-working, dedicated person you are becoming.

If you cannot do these things now, you will always be chasing a new goal or be living in fear of losing that goal. 

Don’t wait until you reach a goal to act like the person who reaches the goal. Start doing that now. It will make achieving that goal easy to step in to. And you may even notice the outcome of the goal becomes less important because you are appreciating and celebrating yourself in a whole new, wonderful way.

I’d love to hear in the comments a goal that you are working towards right now!

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