Why Eating the Same Breakfast Every Day May Actually Be Good For You

The Science of Simplicity – How Eating the Same Breakfast Every Day Can Improve Your Health

Have you ever heard of decision fatigue? 

Basically, it is a state of mental exhaustion caused by having to make too many inconsequential decisions each day – and it negatively impacts productivity. 

Some of the most successful people on this planet have recognized the dangers of decision fatigue and made small changes to the start of their day – whether that is wearing the same outfit every day or eating the same breakfast everyday.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Barack Obama are all known for their success – and for wearing a variation of the same clothes every day. 

When asked about it, Obama shared that he eats the same breakfast each morning and wears the same suits each day in order to limit the amount of time he spends on those decisions – allowing more brain power and focus for bigger, more important decisions. 

We are required to make SO many decisions every day – both about our health and about our personal and professional lives. It is no surprise that we are all at risk of decision fatigue. 

Making the simple choice to eat the same thing for breakfast each day – and choosing a healthy breakfast – frees up more energy to make healthy choices throughout the day. 

Putting the same thing on your plate each morning takes one more thing OFF of your plate when it comes to decision making. 😉 

Currently I’m obsessed with my avocado toast. But if you were to eat the same breakfast every day, what would it be?

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