Your Goals Should Change As Your Body Changes with Age

Life is full of changing seasons. The same things that are most important to us have most likely changed from the time that we were 8, teenagers, in our twenties, thirties, etc. 

Each chapter of life brings new abilities, challenges and priorities. 

And the same is true for your body and your goals!

Having the same goal to lose weight that you had 20 years ago and thinking that you are going to be able to do it the same way (hours in the gym or super high-intensity workouts) is often not realistic. 

We must reassess our “ideal size”, goals and how we are going to achieve those goals while realistically looking at the impact that time has on the mind and body and daily life.

As our bodies age, our muscles generally lose some strength, flexibility and endurance. Our bodies also store more fat around our organs from age thirty and up. 

If you aren’t adjusting your fitness/weight goals to the physical changes that your body undergoes as you age, you may be setting yourself up for failure or for unrealistic expectations. 

Another big change as we age is our ability to complete different physical feats – endurance, risk of injury, and range of motion are all affected by age. And we don’t bound back as quickly from over-exertion or injury. 

It is important to develop a workout routine that is safe and effective for YOUR body based on where YOU are in life. 

And part of that development also requires you to look at the time and resources that you have to work towards your goals. 

I specialize in working with older adults (peri menopausal and post).If you want to get stronger, I would love to help you develop goals and methods to achieve something that works for THIS chapter of your life!

My self-guided programs is a great place to start and I also work with clients one-on-one. You can learn more about the programs HERE or leave a comment/send me a DM if you would like to learn a little more about my 1:1 coaching. 

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